Our team is our family. Angie, Chris, Tim, and Ann are siblings who came to America in 1979 as Vietnamese refugees. After coming to America, they all initially went to engineering school. After working as engineers for years and providing a foundation for their families, they were drawn to the next step of the American dream, to build a business and to help others reach their dreams. Christine, Angie’s daughter, carries on the next generation of this mission.

Chris, Angie, Tim in Vietnam in 1975

Angie and Ann in front of Vietnamese high school in 1974

Our team’s diverse experiences help us think “outside of the box,” compared to typical financial advisors

Our engineering backgrounds help us troubleshoot, analyze complex data, and keep in mind the big picture or end goal down the road.

Our family-centered approach grounds our relationship with our clients. We understand that life is full of ups and downs and recognize every family’s situation is unique. We actively listen, make sure you understand your financial plan, provide ongoing advice, and are by your side as your financial journey evolves.