Founded in 1998 by Angie Trandai, Trandai Financial Solutions was born first out of necessity and then for the desire to help others going through life's transitions and needing trusted financial advice

October 1983, Angie and Tim studying for their engineering degrees

 In 1996, Angie made the decision to step back from her job as a successful chemical engineer at Procter and Gamble to focus on raising her two young daughters. With her husband, who was still working at that time, she had to figure out how to run a household  with one less income and no prior financial training. She turned to a friend who was a financial planner and who would later become a mentor; together, they set up a successful budget and cash flow plan that enabled her to stay home, save for the children’s college, pay off the house and pay for retirement. As Angie learned more about the financial field, she saw how having the right financial knowledge can help people reach both their financial and personal goals.


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